Friday, August 8, 2014

Baking Once Again!

Every so often I get the baking bug again, especially if I haven't baked in a few weeks. I decided to make s'mores cupcakes, and pink macarons for neighbors and family. The s'more cupcakes were simply chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream frosting, and crushed graham crackers and chocolate chunks on top. The macarons were your basic macaron recipe with buttercream frosting, all tinted pink and I dusted with my edible gold dust, because let's face it, everything is better when it is gold and sparkly! I added some heart decorations as well, which gave them a very girly feel, just the way I like it! I did a DIY makeover on this cake stand, it was originally a worn down pink paint job, and I bought craft glitter and glue from Michaels, and sparkled up the stand! It sparkles so much in the sunlight that it is like twinkling stars in the daytime. My work gave me the cute little pink striped bags, because our Content Team does a lot of lifestyle photoshoots, and they know I bake a lot so they gave them to me for free, which was very sweet of them to do.

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